Dil ye dastar khan bana hai

By bozopack

Keeping the pace at more than 1 article per day because a new blog needs as much quality content as possible asap. I checked other journeys and I think I’m the only FOOL writing more than 1 article/day MANUALLY. Kikerinka is busy with his non-profit, Bloop disappeared, molcho has exams, Aleksandar and others are outsourcing. Even Shaun “the content machine” Marrs can barely write 1 article per day nowadays due to burn out.

Everybody else under the sun is into AI content.

I tried outsourcing several times, even at $50 per 1K words I didn’t like the quality. Maybe I’m picky, but the guy at $30/1k words had better quality than the $50 dude. These prices are so relative. But it the end, it’s much better to write the first 100 articles myself because I know the niche.

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