The Ultimate Hack: How to View Private Instagram Accounts without Following

By bozopack

how to view private instagram accounts

Have you ever wanted to see what your ex or crush is doing on Instagram but couldn’t because their account was set to private? You’re lucky, then! In this blog post, we’ll show you the best way to get into private Instagram accounts without following them. Get ready to learn all the juicy details about how to easily access and look through even the most private Instagram profiles. Let’s dive deep into the world of sneaky social media tricks that are sure to pique your interest.

How to See Private Instagram Accounts

A lot of people want to know how to look at private Instagram accounts. There are many ways to look at someone else’s private photos and videos, whether it’s for personal or professional reasons. But not every method works the same way. Some ways are more likely to get you banned from Instagram, while others are more likely to get the person whose account you’re trying to see blocked from Instagram but now we will talk about some of the major methods which lets you view private accounts without much hassle.

The Major Methods to View Private Instagram Accounts

  • Create a 2nd Account on Instagram (Most Recommended Method)
  • Visit the Instagram Profile from a Desktop (PC) use inspect element to view the posts (Doesnt work that well)
  • Use a Third party website or app (Not recommended!) Dont Get scammed by such sites claiming to show private instagram posts they either make you do surveys or make you signup.(basically get your information)
  • View Posts Using a Instagram Archive website like (, there used to be a great site called isdb but apparently it got shut down a while ago

Don’t waste your time and resources looking for a hack or a workaround to view private instagram posts because instagram pours millions of dollars every month for its security and how do you think that million dollar solution workaround would be available on youtube or on a third part website, it just makes no sense! The one and only way which will work to view private instagram posts will be with a 2nd account/dummy account which you can follow the account with and see all their posts. These third party websites are all scams they will make you do human verifications (surveys) and get money out of you or make you signup on some site with your email and spam your mail with spam offers, and wont show you the posts because they cant!

Does Private Instagram Viewer Sites Actually work ?

The answer is No, Instagram Pours Millions of dollars into its security for a reason, a website out of nowhere cannot bypass its system. A Private account is meant to be private if its a famous profile or a celebrity account then you can just google with the instagram username and you can see the private posts recorded by someone but if its a personal account there is no way you can bypass instagram security to view it, as we have said before the best bet is to make a smurf/2nd/dummy account to follow the account and views its content there is no other way to view private instagram posts.

private instagram viewer site scams

If you just Google, There are a lot of websites that say they let you see “private” Instagram accounts, but all of them are scams. They are meant to make you do surveys or get you to signup on some site with your email, basically get your information by some dubious way. Avoid these sites at all costs! Even If you want to use one of these sites, make sure you do your research first and make sure the site is real.

You can look at private Instagram accounts without following them in a few different ways. Each method has its own pros and cons, so you should pick the one that works best for you.

How to See Private Instagram Posts

The first choice is to use an shady app or a site made by someone else. There are a few apps that say they can do this, but they all basically do the same thing: All of them are scams the rest gets you By typing in the username of the private account you want to see, the app will show you a feed of that user’s public posts. This is a quick and easy way to do it, but it’s not always reliable because Instagram’s algorithm changes always, making these apps useless. Using a third-party app also goes against Instagram’s terms of service, so if you get caught, your account will be banned for sure.

The second choice is to make a fake account on Instagram. This method takes a little bit more time than using an app, but it works much better. To do this, you’ll need to sign up for a new Instagram account and make it look as real as possible. Once your fake account looks real enough, you can add the private user you want to see as a friend and wait for them to accept your request. Once they do, you’ll be able to see their posts like any other follower.

How to Not Get Caught while spying on a Private Instagram

If you want to look at private Instagram accounts without following them, there are a few things you can do to avoid getting caught. First, make sure you’re not logged into your own Instagram account when you’re looking at a private account. If you are signed in, the owner of the private account might be able to see that you looked at their content. Second, use a private or “incognito” window to look at the private account. This will help keep people from following what you do. Lastly, watch how long you spend looking at the private account. If you spend too much time on one account, it could make people wonder why.

It can be hard to look at private Instagram accounts, but our ultimate guide makes it easy for you and we have broken down the major methods to do so without getting caught. With our easy step-by-step guide, it’s not hard to look at a private Instagram account. Give it a try and let us know how it goes. When you use this hack, make sure to always respect the privacy of other people.

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