Woman Kills Man, Eats His Brains In Broad Daylight

By bozopack

Woman Kills Man, Eats His Brains In Broad Daylight

A woman from Gutu, Zimbabwe this morning allegedly split open a herd boys skull and ate his brains while villagers watched helplessly.

The woman identified as Esther Katandwa of Mupandawana Village reportedly found Simon Muzenda, the herdboy, chopping down a tree.

She then grabbed his axe and bashed in his skull.

She almost dismembered the head from the neck with the axe at about 10 am.

Villagers who rushed to the scene told Bulawayo24 News that most of them threw up when the saw Muzendas mangled skull.

The woman was placidly scooping up his brains and eating them. She was also tearing off chunks of flesh from the body and munching on them.

Blood was dripping from her fingers, which she licked from time to time.

“I will have nightmares for a long time after this,” said Bonani Chingwe, one of the villagers.

Katandwa allegedly acted like she was possessed when the villagers tried to stop her as she took the axe and chased after them.

Police officers who arrived at the scene eventually arrested her and she complained that they had disturbed her before she finished her meal.

“I think this woman is insane because she behaved like someone eating the most delicious food.

“There have been a number of horrific murders in the area but this one is the scariest.

“I know this woman’s mother and I think she will be shocked to hear what her daughter has done. She needs help,” said Monica Manyemwe.

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